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Silver Plated Donkey Door Knocker

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A vintage silver door knocker from 1850 France featuring a donkey with a ring in its mouth would be a unique and intricate piece of decorative hardware. The donkey's image would likely be crafted in a realistic and detailed manner.

The silver material would lend a luxurious and elegant feel to the door knocker, while also ensuring its durability and longevity. The ring in the bull's mouth would be designed to serve as the actual knocker, allowing visitors to alert the occupants of the home to their presence by ringing the ring against the plate that would be mounted on the door.

The overall aesthetic of the door knocker would be reminiscent of the ornate and elaborate designs that were popular during the mid-19th century, featuring intricate detailing and flourishes around the edges of the plate and the bull's figure. The knocker would be a striking and memorable addition to any home, serving as both a functional and decorative piece of hardware that would capture the attention of visitors and passersby alike.

5” diameter x 8 1/4H

Great for a Door Knocker but a great Towel Holder, also!

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