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Sideboard Enfilade Italian Sacristy

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Sideboard Enfilade Italian Sacristy are terms used to describe different types of furniture and architectural features.

A sideboard is a type of cabinet or buffet typically used for storing dishes, serving utensils, and other dining accessories. It is often placed in a dining room or kitchen and can serve as a decorative piece as well as functional storage.

Enfilade is an architectural term used to describe a series of rooms or spaces that are aligned with each other, with doors or openings that allow for a clear view from one end to the other. In furniture, an enfilade is a series of cabinets or bookcases arranged in a similar manner.

Italian refers to anything related to or from Italy. In furniture, Italian styles often emphasize ornate, decorative features and fine craftsmanship.

A sacristy is a room in a church or temple where vestments, sacred vessels, and other items used in worship are stored. In furniture, a sacristy cabinet or sacristy table is a type of storage unit used for storing these religious items.

So, these 2 Sideboard Enfilade Italian Sacristy pieces are a combination of long, decorative sideboards with multiple cabinets arranged in an enfilade style, with Italian design elements, and used for storing religious items in a sacristy.

81W x 31.25D x 50 H

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