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Verdigris Copper Clock Face - 19th Century

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This 19th century verdigris copper clock face is a stunning and ornate timepiece that features a greenish-blue patina on its copper surface, which has been created by the natural weathering of the metal over time. The clock face is large and impressive, with intricate detailing and craftsmanship that reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of the era.

The verdigris patina on the copper surface of the clock face creates a unique texture that gives it a weathered and aged appearance. The patina formed naturally over time, resulting in its distinctive greenish-blue hue that is both striking and beautiful. The clock face is often adorned with intricate designs, including Roman numerals that indicate the hours, as well as intricate flourishes and patterns that reflect the decorative style of the 19th century.

France, circa 1860

Dimensions: 48" diameter

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