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Gold Metal Statue of Mary Holding a Cross

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A gold metal statue of Mary is a beautiful and meaningful piece of religious art that is highly valued by collectors and devotees alike. The statue would be made of metal, typically bronze or brass, and coated in a layer of gold to give it a radiant and luminous appearance. The gold finish may be polished to a high shine or left with a more muted finish, depending on the desired effect. The statue depicts Mary, the mother of Jesus, in a pose that conveys her grace, beauty, and devotion. She is shown standing with her expression serene and peaceful, conveying a sense of calm and tranquility.

The gold metal statue of Mary is typically displayed in a prominent location, such as a church or a home altar. It serves as a reminder of Mary's love and compassion and provides comfort and solace to those who seek her intercession. It is a timeless piece of religious art that is cherished by many and valued for its beauty and spiritual significance.

11.5"H x 3.5W x 3.25D

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