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Pair of Italian Majolica Hounds

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Italian Majolica refers to a type of ceramic pottery that is glazed and fired at a high temperature, resulting in a brightly colored, glossy finish. Majolica pottery has been produced in Italy since the Renaissance period and continues to be made today.

As for these pair of Italian Majolica Hounds we refer to a decorative item made in Italy in the 1920s, featuring two ceramic hounds. It's possible that they were produced as a decorative piece for a wealthy family or as a souvenir for tourists. The hounds may have been modeled after a specific breed or designed to be a more generic representation of a hunting dog.

Majolica pottery can vary greatly in value depending on the maker, age, and condition of the piece. If you have a pair of Italian Majolica Hounds and are interested in learning more about their value or history, I would suggest consulting with an appraiser or antique dealer who specializes in ceramics.

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