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Lori’s First Parisian Purchase!

Lori Smithers is the owner of Fickle International, a successful antique venue just minutes south of downtown Round Top. She has always had a passion for antiques, and has spent years traveling the world to find the most unique and beautiful pieces to add to her collection. This is how she got started!

One day, Lori received a call from an old friend who owned an antique shop in Paris. He had come across a stunning antique dresser that he thought would be perfect for her store. Lori was intrigued and asked for more information.

Her friend described the dresser as a rare 18th-century piece, made of hand-carved mahogany and adorned with intricate gold leaf details. Lori was immediately smitten and knew she had to have it.

She arranged for the dresser to be shipped to her store, and when it arrived, she was absolutely thrilled with it. It was even more beautiful than she had imagined, and she knew it would be the centerpiece of her store.

Lori placed the dresser in the front window, where it quickly drew the attention of passersby. She was soon flooded with inquiries and offers, and before long, the dresser was sold to a well known collector who had been searching for just such a piece.

Lori was thrilled with the sale, and knew that it was just the beginning of many more successful acquisitions for her store. It was then that her focus shifted from just gifts and paper goods to antiques. She couldn't wait to see what other treasures the world had in store for her!

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