Decorating with Barware IS EVERYTHING!

Decorating with Barware IS EVERYTHING!

Barware, including glasses, decanters, and other items used for serving and drinking alcoholic beverages, can be a stylish and functional addition to any interior design project. Here are some tips for using barware in your design:

  1. Consider the style and theme of your design project. Barware can be a great way to add a touch of glamour or sophistication to a room, but it's important to choose pieces that fit with the overall aesthetic of the space. For example, a sleek, modern bar cart might look out of place in a rustic, country-style kitchen.

  2. Think about function as well as form. While barware can be a decorative element in a room, it's also important to consider how it will be used. Choose glasses and other items that are suitable for the types of drinks you'll be serving, and make sure you have enough of each type to accommodate your guests.

  3. Mix and match for interest. Instead of choosing a matching set of barware, consider mixing and matching different pieces for a more eclectic, interesting look. You might mix vintage glasses with modern decanters, or combine different types of glasses for a more varied selection.

  4. Use barware as decorative accessories. In addition to using barware for serving drinks, you can also incorporate it into your decor as a decorative element. For example, you might display a collection of antique decanters on a shelf or use a set of unique glasses as part of a table setting.

  5. Don't forget about storage. If you plan to use barware frequently, it's important to have a convenient place to store it. Consider adding a bar cart or dedicated cabinet to keep your barware organized and easily accessible.

By considering the style, function, and storage of your barware, you can use it to add both form and function to your interior design project.

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