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Antique 'Smammriato' Urn or Yeast Jar

Обычная цена $395.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $395.00 USD
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These are handmade antique ceramics that are perfectly imperfect and some have been used for generations, so please expect some cracks, and chips, and discolouration. These individual characteristics are part of the charm and unique quality of each piece. Please note, color may vary from screen to screen.

They were often stored in cool, dark places and the porous nature of the clay helped to maintain moisture in the jar, which was beneficial for the yeast. The jars also helped to prevent mould and bacteria from spoiling the yeast, as the porous nature of terra cotta allowed air to flow into the jar while still retaining moisture, allowing any excess moisture to evaporate.

Dimensions: 8.5”H x 7”D x 7”W

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