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Pharmacy Jars-Small, Red/Black 1880

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Napoleon III was the Emperor of France from 1852 to 1870, and during his reign, opaline glass became popular for various applications, including pharmacy bottles. Opaline glass is a type of opaque or semi-opaque glass that often has a milky appearance and was widely used for decorative and functional purposes in the 19th century. Here's a description for listing Napoleon III 19th-century opaline pharmacy bottles:

  1. Antique Napoleon III Opaline Pharmacy Bottle - Circa 19th Century

    • Description: A beautiful and rare opaline glass pharmacy bottle dating back to the 19th century during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III in France. The bottle features a translucent milky white glass body, giving it an opalescent glow under light. It showcases the classic elegance and craftsmanship of the era.
    • Design: The bottle boasts a cylindrical shape with a long neck and a flared rim. The body is adorned with intricate hand-painted details, such as delicate gold gilt accents and floral motifs, reflecting the opulence of the Napoleon III period.
    • Usage: Originally used to store medicinal compounds and herbs, this exquisite bottle makes for a captivating display piece or a unique addition to any antique glassware collection.
    • Condition: Despite its age, the bottle is in remarkably good condition, with only minor signs of wear consistent with its age. The hand-painted decorations remain largely intact, adding to its historical charm.
    • Dimensions: Height: [insert height] inches, Diameter: [insert diameter] inches.
    • Provenance: Acquired from an esteemed antique collector and authenticated to be from the Napoleon III era.
  2. Collectible Napoleon III Opaline Apothecary Jar - 19th Century French Glassware

    • Description: An exceptional opaline apothecary jar dating back to the 19th century, originating from the reign of Emperor Napoleon III in France. The opaline glass displays a unique opalescent sheen, accentuated by its milky white hue, making it a remarkable piece of 19th-century French glassware.
    • Design: This apothecary jar features a spherical body with a flat base and a wide mouth, making it perfect for storing various medicinal substances used during that time. The jar is adorned with hand-painted enamel decorations, including intricate floral patterns and gold gilding, epitomizing the lavish style of the Napoleon III period.
    • Purpose: Originally utilized in pharmacies and apothecaries to hold medicinal powders, ointments, or herbs, this antique jar now serves as an exquisite decorative item and an emblem of French history.
    • Condition: This historical treasure is remarkably well-preserved, showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship of the era. The delicate hand-painted designs remain intact, testament to its enduring beauty.
    • Dimensions: Height: 6” inches, Diameter: 3”inches.
    • Provenance: Sourced from a reputable antique dealer with a documented history of Napoleon III era artifacts.
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