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Who was Whitefriars Glass Company and Why You Need to Know!

Whitefriars Glass is highly collectible and though it is not common, you can find it if you know what to ask for! Lori absolutelty loves collecting glass and thinks that it is one of those final touches that can take your space from nice to sophisticated. Anyone can begin collecting glass. Many people have pieces from their relatives that have left them little treasures that they don't even know they have!

Whitefriars Glass was a glassmaking company that was active in England from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The company was founded in 1580 by George Ravenscroft, who is credited with introducing lead oxide to the glassmaking process, which resulted in a clearer, more durable glass. Whitefriars Glass was known for producing high-quality glassware, including drinking glasses, vases, and decorative objects. The company was located in London, and its products were sold throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Whitefriars Glass was also known for its innovative designs, which were often inspired by contemporary art and design movements. The company was acquired by Corning Inc. in 1958 and continued to produce glassware until it was closed in 1980.

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