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Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Josiah Wedgwood!

According to The Royal Trust Collection, Josiah Wedgwood was a giant in the ceramics business even as he lived! He established an international reputation for British ceramics. A tireless innovator, he perfected a colored earthenware known as 'creamware' as well as developing a new colored unglazed body 'jasper'. 

Josiah Wedgwood was a pioneer in the world of ceramics, known for his innovative techniques and exceptional craftsmanship. He is credited with the creation of 'creamware', a type of colored earthenware, and 'jasper', a new colored unglazed body. In addition to producing a wide range of ceramic items, including buttons, vases, and tableware, Wedgwood also made cameos, jewelry, and boxes.

Wedgwood's work was highly sought after by members of the royal family, including Queen Charlotte and George IV, as well as Queen Mary. In addition to his success in the ceramics industry, Wedgwood was also a passionate abolitionist. After visiting the Port of Liverpool and witnessing the cruelty of the slave trade firsthand, he dedicated himself to spreading the message of human rights and created a medallion to support his cause.

Today, Wedgwood's work is highly prized by collectors and is considered an important part of the history of ceramics. His legacy as a skilled craftsman and social activist continues to inspire and influence contemporary artists and designers.

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