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French Wooden Crucifix with Metal Adornments Circa 1900

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People are drawn to religious iconography regardless of their religion for many reasons. It might hold special historical significance for some individuals, especially if they are Catholic or have a connection to French culture. It could represent a particular era or style in art history that they appreciate, or it might be associated with a particular saint or religious figure that they admire. Some people might simply find religious iconography from 1900 France visually appealing, regardless of any religious or historical connotations. The intricate details, vibrant colors, and overall beauty of these works of art could be a draw for many people. For some individuals, religious iconography from 1900 France might hold personal meaning or sentimental value. It could remind them of a family member or friend who was particularly devoted to a certain saint or religious figure, or it might symbolize a significant moment in their own spiritual journey. Finally, some people might decorate with religious iconography from 1900 France for spiritual or religious purposes. They might use it as a way to express their faith or to create a sacred space in their home. It could also serve as a reminder of their spiritual beliefs or as a way to honor and connect with a particular saint or religious figure. This piece was found in France and is circa 1900.Dimensions 14”H x 5.5”W

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