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Oil on Canvas 'La Pensierosa' (The Thoughtful) by Ignazio Affanni d.1889

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Ignazio Affanni

Ignazio Affani (March 22, 1828 – July 29, 1889) was an Italian painter, who mainly painted historical and biblical subjects.

He was born in Borgo San Donnino in Parma. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma, with Giovanni Battista Callegari, Francesco Scaramuzza, Giuseppe Gaibazzi, and Francesco Pescatori. He fought in the revolutions of 1848-1849. In 1859 he was given a stipend to study in Florence. Back in Parma, he was awarded a number of honors, including being named an honorary academician in Naples.

Among his works are Gerolamo Savonarola in prison (Girolamo Savonarola in prison), sent to the Universal Exhibition of 1869 in Vienna; Daughter of Jephthah, Bramante introduces Raphael to Pope Julius II (1859), Garibaldini taking leave of his family (1861, Palazzo Pitti), Rebecca delights in the bracelets sent by Isaac (1862), The exile of the Medici from Florence, and A concert of the fourteenth century.

He painted frescoes for the chapel of San Bernardo in Parma Cathedral.

Ignazio Affanni died poor in Milan, after many vicissitudes that afflicted his family. His nephew was the sculptor Garibald Affanni .

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