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Serpentina White & Nutmeg

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Guatemalan table runners are a traditional piece of handcrafted home decor. These runners are typically made from hand-loomed cotton thread, featuring bold geometric designs in vibrant, traditional colors. Common motifs and designs on Guatemalan table runners include images of animals, flowers, and symbols of Mayan and Aztec culture, as well as multi-colored stripes and geometric shapes. There runners are called “Serpentina” due to the snake like pattern the shapes create!

A stunning, eye-catching table runner with woven black pattern and corner tassel details.

  • Sobremesa by Greenheart
  • White and Black Serpentina Table Runner
  • "Serpentina" in honor of celebrations and good times.
  • 72" L x 14" W
  • Hand dyed and woven 
  • Made in Guatemala


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