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Sacristy Wall Bell

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A sacristy wall bell is a type of bell that is used in religious buildings, such as churches, chapels, or cathedrals. The purpose of a sacristy wall bell is to signal the start and end of religious services, such as Mass or other liturgical celebrations.

In some churches, the sacristy is a room located behind the altar, where the priests and other members of the clergy prepare for the service and store the sacred vessels, vestments, and other items used in worship. The sacristy wall bell is typically located in this room, and is rung by a server or acolyte at the beginning of the service to signal to the congregation that it is time to enter the church and take their seats. The bell is also rung at the end of the service to signal the conclusion of the worship and the dismissal of the congregation.

The use of a sacristy wall bell dates back to ancient times, when bells were used to call people to prayer or to mark the passage of time. In many religious traditions, bells are considered sacred objects, and the ringing of a bell is a solemn and meaningful act that helps to focus the mind and spirit on the sacredness of the moment. Dimensions 16.5”H x 9”D x 9” W

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