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Primitive Cross with Arma Christi

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This 18th-century wooden crucifix hails from France and is in excellent condition despite its age. It would make a wonderful addition to any collection. The Arma Christi, also known as the Instruments of the Passion, refer to the objects associated with the suffering of Jesus Christ in Christian art and symbolism. These instruments, numbering up to 20, are often featured in Late Middle Age Christian art, surrounding either a cross or a depiction of Christ. Some crucifixes may also include a skull and crossbones beneath the corpus, referencing the idea that the place of Jesus' crucifixion was also the burial place of Adam, or more likely, to the New Testament account that this location was called "Golgotha," meaning "the Place of a Skull" (Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, and John 19:17 in the King James Version). Dimensions: 25 1/2h x 15 1/2w x 4d at base 

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