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Pharmacy Pot - Pink, Gold, & Navy

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 Antique pharmacy pots were used in the past by pharmacists, apothecaries, and physicians to store and dispense medicines, herbs, and other medicinal substances. These jars provide a glimpse into the history of medicine and the practices of the time, making them significant cultural artifacts.  Many antique pharmacy pots were handcrafted by skilled artisans, with intricate designs, symbols, and inscriptions that were used to label the contents of the jars. These designs can be beautiful and intricate, adding to their uniqueness. Antique pharmacy pots are highly collectible, with some jars selling for thousands of dollars. Collectors value these jars for their historical significance, as well as their artistic and decorative qualities. Antique pharmacy pots were produced in limited quantities, which makes them rare and hard to find. This scarcity adds to their uniqueness and value. They are a tangible reminder of the past and a fascinating glimpse into the development of medicine and pharmacy.

10”H x 4.5W

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