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Minton Basketweave Bamboo Majolica Plates Green

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Minton antique basket weave majolica plates are vintage plates that were made by the Minton pottery company. They feature a basket weave pattern on the surface of the plate, which gives them a textured and tactile appearance. The plates are made of majolica, a type of earthenware that is glazed and fired at a low temperature, and are therefore delicate and should be handled with care.

The design of the plates often features a floral motif, with brightly colored flowers and leaves in relief against the white or cream background of the plate. The colors used on the plates are typically vivid and bold, and the glaze has a high shine, which adds to their decorative appeal.

Minton antique basket weave majolica plates are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of vintage ceramics due to their exquisite design and high quality. They are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the Minton pottery company and are a beautiful addition to any collection or dining table.


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