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Religious Medal Jesus and Mary

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A religious medal featuring Jesus and Mary based on the works of Botticelli would be a beautiful and meaningful piece of devotional art. 

The medal is circular in shape, embossed with images of Jesus and Mary based on one of Botticelli's famous paintings "Madonna and Child".

The image of Jesus and Mary are highly detailed, with delicate features and intricate lines that highlight their divine qualities. The background of the medal is decorated with ornate and detailed floral patterns.

The medal would be carried as a devotional item as a reminder of the wearer's faith and devotion to Jesus and Mary, and provide comfort and protection in times of need.

Religious medals featuring Jesus and Mary based on Botticelli's artwork are highly prized by collectors and devotees alike. They are a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate religious art into daily life and honor the divine beauty of these iconic figures. Dimensions: 1.75" diameter

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