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Green Glass Demi John

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A Dame Jeanne, also known as a Demi John, is a type of large bottle typically made of glass or earthenware. It is often used for storing and fermenting liquids such as wine or cider.

The term "bottle green" typically refers to a dark, greenish color that is similar to the color of wine bottles. Therefore, a "large Dame Jeanne Demi John bottle green" would likely refer to a large, greenish-colored glass bottle in the shape of a Dame Jeanne or Demi John.

These bottles can be used for a variety of purposes, including as decorative items or as containers for liquids such as wine or vinegar. They are often quite large, with capacities ranging from several liters to over 20 liters.

7 1/2”W x 12 1/2”H x 7 1/2”D

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