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Globe - Weber Costello on Ornate Bronze Stand 1930s

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A 12" Weber Costello Ornate Bronze Globe is a vintage decorative globe that measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter. It was manufactured by the Weber Costello Company, which was a leading American globe maker in the early 20th century. The globe is made of bronze and has an ornate design that features intricate detailing and embossing.

The surface of the globe is covered with a paper map that shows the political boundaries, countries, cities, and other geographic features of the world as they were known at the time of its creation. The map is printed in a traditional style, with muted colors and fine lines to represent the different regions.

The base of the globe is also made of bronze and features a detailed design that complements the globe's ornate style. It may include decorative elements such as raised relief patterns, etched inscriptions, and other embellishments.

Overall, a 12" Weber Costello Ornate Bronze Globe is a beautiful and historically significant piece that can serve as a decorative accent in a variety of settings, from homes to offices and libraries.

12" Weber Costello Ornate Bronze Globe

20 1/2"H, 11 1/2" Diam.

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