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Chandelier Crystal from Naples circa 1800

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This chandelier crystal from Naples circa 1800 was handcrafted with great attention to detail using high-quality materials. The crystal itself, made from glass, is known for its clarity and brilliance.

The crystal would have been cut and polished into these shapes, including prisms, pendants, and beads. These pieces would have been arranged in their specific patterns to create this dazzling and ornate chandelier that would have been a focal point of any room.

The chandelier crystals are decorated with various embellishments in brass fixtures and chains, to hold the crystals in place and add to the overall beauty of the piece.

It's worth noting that Naples in the 1800s was known for its production of high-quality glass and crystal, so a chandelier crystal from this era would have been considered a luxury item that only the wealthy could afford.

Overall, this chandelier from Naples in 1800 is a stunning example of expert craftsmanship and artistic expression, showcasing the beauty and elegance of a bygone era.

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