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Aviary with Cupola

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This custom aviary made using vintage materials by a local fabrication artist is a unique and charming addition to any backyard or garden. The use of vintage materials would give the aviary a rustic and timeless feel, while the expertise of a local fabrication artist would ensure that the structure is sturdy, safe, and well-designed for its intended purpose.

When designing a custom aviary, it is important to consider the use. Will it be used for birds? What type of birds will be housed inside. Different species of birds have different requirements for space, perches, and nesting areas, so it is important to research the specific needs of the birds you plan to keep before beginning construction.

The aesthetic design of this aviary and its use of vintage materials such as wrought iron, weathered wood, and antique vents at the top give the aviary a unique and charming look that fits in well with a natural setting.

Recycled Screen and Cupola.   Dimensions: 52”W x 123”H x  37”D

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