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Antique Victorian Tortoise Shell Needle or Thimble Case, Knife Box Style - Tortoiseshell

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Tortoiseshell needle or thimble cases from the Victorian era are highly sought after by collectors of antique needlework tools and accessories. This knife box style of the case, with its hinged lid and compact size, made it a convenient way to store and carry needles, thimbles, and other small items.

Tortoiseshell was a popular material for needle cases and other small decorative items in the 19th century because of its beauty and durability. The material is made from the shell of the hawksbill turtle, which was harvested for its attractive coloration and patterning. Today, the use of tortoiseshell is regulated due to concerns about the protection of wildlife, so such cases are becoming increasingly rare and valuable.

If you have an antique Victorian tortoiseshell needle or thimble case in good condition, it can be a valuable addition to a collection of antique needlework tools or a lovely decorative item for display.

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