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Antique French Inlaid Pique Work Faux Celluloid Tortoise Look Change Purse - Accordion Style...

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This antique French inlaid pique work faux celluloid tortoise look change purse in the accordion style is a rare and unique item. Pique work, also known as "jet work" or "blackwork," is a type of decorative needlework that involves inlaying small pieces of jet, a type of black resin, into a lighter-colored material to create intricate designs. The use of faux celluloid in the construction of this change purse is also notable, as celluloid was a popular material for making fashion accessories in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The accordion style of the change purse refers to the way the purse expands and contracts like an accordion, allowing the owner to store a larger amount of coins or small items in a compact space. The tortoise look of the material adds to the purse's aesthetic appeal, mimicking the appearance of tortoiseshell but without the use of real tortoiseshell, which is now regulated due to concerns about the protection of wildlife

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