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Antique Carved Meerschaum Pierre Alexander Schoenewerk Religious Plaque 19 Century

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This antique carved Meerschaum attributed to Pierre Alexander Schoenewerk religious plaque from the 19th century would likely be a highly detailed and intricate work of art. Meerschaum is a soft, white mineral that is often carved into decorative objects, and it was particularly popular for carving in the 19th century.

Pierre Alexander Schoenewerk was a well-known and highly skilled carver of religious plaques and other objects during the 19th century. His works often depicted scenes from the Bible or other religious themes, and they were highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts of the time.

The plaque itself would likely be quite large, measuring several inches in height and width, and would be carved with great attention to detail. The carving would likely feature intricate patterns and designs, as well as highly realistic depictions of figures and scenes. The subject matter could vary depending on the specific plaque, but it would likely be a religious scene or figure, such as a depiction of Jesus or a scene from the Bible.

Overall, an antique carved Meerschaum Pierre Alexander Schoenewerk religious plaque from the 19th century would be a beautiful and highly valuable work of art, both for its craftsmanship and its historical significance. Dimensions 5.5” x 1.25”

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