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Dutch Linen Buffet A Deux - 19th Century Carved

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This Dutch Linen Buffet A Deux is a type of furniture piece from the 19th century that originated in France. "Buffet a deux" translates to "buffet for two," which refers to the two doors that are commonly found in this piece.

The Dutch Linen Buffet A Deux is typically made from wood, such as oak or walnut, and is often elaborately carved with intricate details. The carvings may depict scenes from nature, such as foliage or animals, or maybe purely decorative.

The buffet is designed to store linens, dishes, and other household items, and features several drawers and compartments for this purpose. The two doors on the front of the buffet often have glass panels, allowing the items inside to be displayed.

The Dutch Linen Buffet A Deux is a classic example of French furniture design from the 19th century and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of antique furniture. It's elaborate carvings and intricate details make it a beautiful and functional addition to any home. From France, 1870.

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