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Original Lacquer Bamboo Cabinet - 19th Century

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Chinoiserie entered European art and decoration in the mid-to-late 17th century. The popularity of chinoiserie peaked around the middle of the 18th century when it was associated with the rococo style and with works by François Boucher, Thomas Chippendale, and Jean-Baptist Pillement. It was also popularized by the influx of Chinese and Indian goods brought annually to Europe aboard English, Dutch, French, and Swedish East India Companies.

There was a revival of popularity for chinoiserie in Europe and the United States from the mid-19th century through the 1920s, and today in elite interior design and fashion.

This gorgeous burnt and lacquered Circa 1890 English Chinoiserie bamboo desk can be used anywhere in your home as a desk, display case, or bookshelf.

This amazing piece is in excellent used condition. Same features a drop front desk and pigeonholes within as well as three working drawers. There is a small mirror above the drop front. The decorative lacquered surfaces have some slight crazing, slight discoloration, and a few marks from everyday use and age. But otherwise no notable problems and/or prior repairs. 19th Century Original Lacquer Bamboo Dimensions: 31W x 64.5H x 22D 

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