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Edwardian Glazed Orchid House

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A Victorian orchid house refers to a type of greenhouse or conservatory that was popular in the Victorian era for growing and displaying orchids. These structures were typically made of glass and iron and were used to create a controlled environment that was ideal for growing orchids, which are tropical plants that require warm and humid conditions.

Victorian orchid houses were often built as a status symbol by wealthy individuals who were avid orchid collectors. These houses were designed to be ornate and luxurious, with decorative ironwork, intricate glasswork, and exotic plants.

In addition to orchids, Victorian orchid houses were often used to grow other tropical plants, such as ferns and palms, and were sometimes used as a space for entertaining guests. Today, many of these historic structures have been preserved and can be visited as part of botanical gardens or historic estates.

This one-of-a-kind Edwardian Orchid House was picked up on a buying trip to Europe. An orchid house of this size and made for a table top is rare. 

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