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Chocolatier Marble Dining Table 1870

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This lovely French Chocolatier Marble Top table would be the perfect accent to your kitchen, dining or entry hall! Sporting a solid marble top (white with gray veins) and perfectly worn painted patinaed aproned frame in a distressed blue which appears to be original to the table. This chocolatier table, circa 1870, has survived and will bring charm and whimsy to your home.

Chocolate first came to France in 1615; it was a gift to the 14 year old King Louis XIII from his 14 year old wife to be – Anne of Austria. It was said the chocolate was placed in a chest as a gift of great value, as indeed it was. Chocolate in those days was only for the nobility and the bourgeoisie. It was expensive and exotic.

Marie-Antoinette was certainly very fond of chocolate, when she arrived at Versailles in 1770 to start a new life with her husband King Louis XVI she bought her own chocolate maker with her who took the recipes to a new level using orange blossom and almonds to flavour the mix. She started the day with a cup of thick creamy hot chocolate topped with more cream.

Use as a dining table or put to original use as a confection or pastry table.

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