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Shelf with Mirror and Towel Bar

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This shaving mirror with a shelf was designed for use in a bathroom or dressing area that includes a flat surface or shelf located beneath the mirror. This shelf can be used to hold items such as razors, shaving cream, and other grooming products.

In this case, the shaving mirror has a width of 29 inches, a height of 32 inches, and a depth of 5 inches. The mirror features a rectangular shape, with the shelf positioned directly beneath it.

The addition of hand-carved accents on top of the mirror suggests that the piece is decorated with intricate designs or patterns, which adds a decorative element to the overall design. These accents are crafted from wood and feature  flowing shapes.

Overall, this shaving mirror with a shelf and hand-carved accents would be a stylish and functional addition to a bathroom or dressing area, providing a convenient surface for grooming and storage while also adding a touch of visual interest to the space

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