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Copper & Brass Hunting Horn

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This antique copper and silver hunting horn is a type of brass instrument that was commonly used by hunters in the past to signal the presence of prey or to communicate with other hunters. The horn is made of a combination of copper and silver, which gives it a unique and striking appearance.

The body of the horn is typically made of copper, which is a durable and malleable metal that can be shaped into a variety of intricate designs. The surface of the copper is often decorated with ornate engravings, which can depict scenes from nature, hunting scenes, or other decorative motifs.

The bell of the horn, which is the flared opening at the end of the instrument, is typically made of silver. This serves both a functional and an aesthetic purpose, as the silver is highly reflective and produces a bright, clear sound when the horn is played.

The hunting horn is cylindrical in shape, with a wide flared bell and a narrow mouthpiece at the opposite end. The mouthpiece is designed to be blown into, and the player produces sound by buzzing their lips against the metal.

This antique copper and silver hunting horn is a beautiful and functional instrument that combines the durability and malleability of copper with the bright and clear sound of silver. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of earlier generations and a reminder of the rich history of hunting and outdoor sports.

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